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Why Online Education Won't Replace the Standard One?

Updated: Jan 27, 2017
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Online Education Vs. Standard Education

Why Online Education Won't Replace the Standard One?

Importance of Education

Why is education important? The role of education in the lives of individuals and the society as a whole cannot be underestimated. For many years, education has been highly esteemed as a very great component of life with many people being encouraged to gain education up to the highest of educational levels. Education is a solution to ignorance, a big problem that leads to many repercussions in different fields. Other than equipping people with the necessary tools and skills to do different things, education inculcates morality, character and a sense of responsibility in those who pursue it. With education, people are exposed to the various situations they will often have to deal with and how to handle them in the wisest ways possible so as to provide solutions to the problems surrounding them. The importance of education, therefore, is to make the world a better place to live in and it should be both effective and enjoyable. The results of education should be evident in the lives of people, and they should equally enjoy the learning process.

Online Education

The popularity of online education is on the rise in the current generation with many educational institutions adopting it in their systems. With online education, it is now possible for international students to attend virtue classes and pursue educational courses over the internet up to the time of graduation. The introduction of online degrees took place in the mid 90's even though there was very limited incentive to convince students to embrace this move in education. The case was also similar for the employers who were not motivated to enroll graduates who had gone through this forum in their enterprises, probably because of the notion that they lacked practical skills. Online learning, however, has continued to make prominent developments as the world today embrace it as an efficient method of diversifying education.

Online Learning

Advantages of Online Learning

It is undoubtedly true that online learning was a very significant move in the education sector. The flexibility of this schedule is one of its advantages. It avails the students the chance to pursue their education while doing other things in life such as working which would be a bit difficult for the on-campus degree programs. The online courses are also very accessible as the students can attend them at any time of the day. These virtual classes minimize the costs of traveling and accommodation in or around schools. The multi-media format of the online courses also fosters a good understanding and helps increase interactions among students. Another advantage of online learning is the inculcation of discipline and self-drive to study as there are no instructors to keep following up the students.

Disadvantages of Online Learning

Despite being a very noble initiative, it, however, has its disadvantages on both the schools and the students. Online education deprives the students of a one-on-one social interaction with their comrades. This kind of interaction also lacks between the course instructor and the students. In the event of technological hitches, the learning process is greatly disrupted. This forum is very inefficient for students who need to be pushed to attend their classes. The practicality of the skills obtained in the on-campus system where there are laboratories and workshops cannot be compared with that of online learning.

When it was first introduced, online learning was not very popular in different parts of the world. It was only common in countries like the United States of America, India, China, Australia and the United Kingdom among others where education was well established. With time, online education has been adopted in almost all countries in the world with their institutions offering skills to students over the internet.

Comparison of Online Education and The Standard Education

Although there are people who believe that there is no much difference between online education and the standard one, the truth is that there are noticeable differences between the two modes of learning. They are similar in the sense that there is a likeness in the courses offered on both forums. The requirements for graduation also seem to be the same for these two methods of education. However, the online education has a higher level of flexibility as compared to the standard education. Even though this flexibility could be an advantage, it also affects the concentration of the students as they have too many things to handle as they study. This, in turn, affects their concentration. The discipline standards in the classical education are way above those in the online systems. There is also more social interaction in the traditional system of learning than in the digital schools.

With the many issues and responsibilities that people have to meet every day, online education is likely to get more popular. The need to multitask due to the various demands of life shows that indeed online learning has a future. However, it will never match the traditional standard education which is not only concerned with the passing of skills to students but also their welfare in the society by way of instilling discipline and character.

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