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Selecting a Thesis Topic

Updated: Feb 2, 2017
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Selecting a Thesis Topic


Like the dissertation at the Doctorate level, the Thesis paper is given to Master’s degree-level students. It becomes their working project, the basis of their time, the scope of their entire research and experience at the graduate level. The Thesis Paper’s purpose is for students at this level to demonstrate their ability to evaluate and interpret gathered information, which they then use to draw conclusions from the information to develop and defend an argument.


In writing the Thesis Paper, the student-writer is responsible for putting forth their own point of view based on research – like books, primary and secondary sources, as well as information from library catalogues, bibliographies, academic journals and other published documents, etc. These essays are evaluated on how successfully they have presented this point in the written form.


However, one of the most crucial and challenging parts of writing the Thesis Paper is first determining its topic. Below is a series of steps the student-writer can follow to help facilitate the process. If you need a guide through this challenging process - contact our professional writers!


Steps to Select a Thesis Topic


1. Idea Generation


In writing the Thesis Paper, the Master’s Degree Candidate is essentially exploring an issue, topic or subject at great length. To find a topic that is academic, arguable and legitimate, the student-writer must search for topics they have found interesting throughout their academic careers, whether in looking at old papers, exams, even books they’ve enjoyed. This will help reveal patterns of their own interest. Directed reading in general is a great way to start for idea generation. Also, the student-writer faced with a Thesis Paper at the graduate level should consider how the paper relates to their pursued career field. A Master’s Degree candidate looking to be a teacher of English probably has no business writing a Thesis Paper on Journalism.




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2. Consider Three Issues That Seem Interesting to Study and Research, and Turn Them Into Questions


With a topic that is too broad for a Thesis Paper, the student-writer will need help narrowing it. If a Psychology Master’s student wants to write a Thesis about Abnormal Psychology, for example, they should generally narrow their Thesis Paper topic to just a single notion – such as preventing mental illness. Once they do come up with a topic, they should consider three pertinent issues that seem interesting to research and turn them into questions. This, combined with some basic research and some free writing about the subject, as well as plentiful note taking, will help them come to narrow their Thesis.


3. Conduct Primary Research to Learn What Scholars Are Saying on the Topic


Once a topic has been selected, the student-writer should read what other scholars say about the topic; this many times will help them understand whether further study of a certain aspect is needed or whether the topic will hard or easy to write about at length. It will also indicate to them if the topic has been written about before, which may not always be the case. The topic for the Thesis Paper should be original and, therefore, not studied before in this same way or approach. It is possible that the chosen topic hasn’t been chosen or researched because no sources are available or potential interviewees are inaccessible. The student-writer has to investigate these things beforehand.


4. Compile Research into an Organized Fashion and Make an Outline


The student-writer should then consolidate all the information they have obtained regarding their topic into a series of notes. This then should evolve into an outline the Master’s Degree candidate will use as a map to help with writing their Thesis Paper. It should indicate where and what points will be made, as well as how and where it will incorporate sources to defend the Thesis Paper’s argument.


5. Test the Topic by Writing the First Draft of the Essay


Using the outline as a guide, the student-writer should then write the first draft of their Thesis Paper. If at any point they find themselves stuck, whether in the logic, evidence, etc. of their argument, they should then take a step back and see if there are any holes, errors, or misconceptions. If they discover their Thesis Paper’s topic is solid, and can continue on pain-free, they will want to edit and see if their professor or instructor can read the Thesis Paper before they turn it in for a grade.


If you have read this article, but are still unable to select a proper thesis topic, feel free to request assistance from our writing professionals. They are available and ready to help 24/7, so don't hesitate, call us now!

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