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Updated: Jul 19, 2016
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In higher level writing, the ability to compile research into a well-developed full thesis is significantly more difficult than it may seem. The help of a research paper writing service is an excellent resource to make sure your custom research paper expresses the ideas that you want it to.


Our research paper writing service can assist you in crafting a custom research paper throughout the entire process, from the rigorous planning and research phase, to the final edits. ABCessays offers expert assistance, as well as the opportunity to buy research paper from the most experienced writers in their field.


What Is a Research Paper?


Many people confuse a research paper with an argumentative or persuasive essay. There are similarities; both involve research on a specific issue, about which an opinion can be formed. The key difference is that research papers do not necessarily include a stance on the issue, and rely on only objective evidence rather than the power of persuasion. There are two main types of research paper:

 There are two main types of the research papers: 1) Argumentative Research (this form does rely on a stance on the issue at hand, thus the paper will be developed with the intent to strengthen the main claim using research) 2) Analytical Research (in lieu of taking a specific side of an issue, this form of research paper analyzes the key issue surrounding the issue at hand, and using evidence to draw a clearer picture)

Since research papers involve some of the most advanced writing, many writers find the use of a research paper writing service extremely helpful. Using a service can allow you to consult experts in research writing in every step of the process and even buy research paper from the writers that have experience in the best research strategies.


Research Paper Structure and Outline


Unlike many other types of papers and essays, a research paper is generally free of standard form, and open to interpretation. There are, however, a few things that every research paper needs to have:




There is more involved with a research introduction than with other forms of writing. You'll introduce the key findings and methods of analysis, as well as what you plan to explore in your research paper. A good way to become acquainted with methods of creating a research introduction is to explore a research abstract, which is the way research is introduced at the highest level.




The conclusion will be closer to a standard conclusion used for other writing methods, if only a bit more drawn out. You'll summarize the methods of research used and the findings of your analysis, without directly restating information.


The body of a research paper is where you have more freedom than many forms of writing. An argumentative research paper might start each paragraph with a point to be argued, and then use the following space to develop primary and secondary sources to support those arguments. An analytical research paper might start each section with a portion of the analysis process and then follow with sources that explore the various points associated with the main subject.



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How To Start A Research Paper


There a few things that need to be done first in the process of starting a research paper:

To start your research paper, you need to choose a topic, do the research and decide your research method.

  • Choose a Topic: The most important aspect of a research paper, the topic determines the best way to explore the process of research.


  • Do the Research: You have to do the legwork before you can start putting your research into words. Analyze key factors that define the topic, choose the angles of your research and find a variety of reputable sources that discuss the topic. Basically, a research paper allows you to develop some level of deep knowledge about a specific subject that you have to grasp minimally before you begin writing.


  • Decide Your Research Method: Is your paper going to address the subject analytically or argumentatively? Consider your sources and evaluate them, as you're going to be expected to reflect on the implications of these sources in your writing.


How to Write a Research Conclusion


The conclusion of a research paper is one of the most difficult sections to write because more goes into it than in any other form of writing. While an essay conclusion may simply restate the paper's key ideas, a research conclusion burdens the writer with much broader responsibilities.


A research conclusion must include a discussion of the findings of your research and possible criticisms to these findings, as well as how your research was carried out and how you can expand upon your findings in future work.


Research Paper Writing Tips


  • Do compile plenty of primary and secondary sources before writing
  • Do write, proofread and edit several drafts
  • Do choose a source that you're interested in and want to explore in depth
  • Do add analysis to your evidence


  • Don't use personal opinion in a research paper
  • Don't let breaks in your logic derail your analysis
  • Don't choose a topic that is too broad to explore in depth
  • Don't simply present other scholars' previous works; research should be analyzed for the purpose of your paper


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You may be getting overwhelmed by all the small things to take into account for your research paper to be developed and presented effectively. Don't worry! When it comes to getting professional assistance with advanced forms of writing, there is help out there.


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