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5 Steps to Process Essay Writing

Updated: Dec 2, 2016
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The process essay is often referred to as the process analysis essay. This particular essay serves the same function as do the directions on a product explaining how it can be assembled.


There are two basic types of process essays: 


1. Directional – how to do something. 


2. Informational – how something works. 


In essence, the directional process essay generally offers a step-by-step description of how something is to be done or how to achieve a particular result (for example, how to make scrambled eggs). But with the informational approach to writing the process essay, the student-writer would demonstrate how something works, like how a car engine works to power a car. Our professional writers can help you with both essay types! 

 How to Write a Process Essay 

The process essay will perpetually benefit students well into their professional careers – even if they do not become writers themselves, though most jobs do require strong writing skills. This type of essay will simply develop their critical-thinking skills, as well as their ability to give direction to others.



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Steps to Writing the Process Essay  

1. Determine What Kind of Process Essay is to Be Written


In an English composition course, a student may most likely be assigned to write a directional process essay, where they provide steps to achieve a particular result. This could be an exercise in language more so than demonstrating their knowledge of how something works.


In other courses, such as Engineering, a student may most likely be required to produce an informational process essay. This may have them explaining how a pulley system works to produce an effect, just to give one example.

2. Put in the Necessary Research. Brainstorm and Mind-Map


In either case, the student-writer generally must have a good deal of understanding of what they are writing about. This means that researching the topic of the essay is crucial. Once they have a clear idea of what they’re writing about, the student-writer should brainstorm and list step-by-step instructions on how one can produce exactly what they plan to explain in the essay. Most times, creating a mind-map provides the student-writer a way to chart their thought patterns on a certain subject. This will always benefit them in the writing process.

3. Make an Outline


To avoid leaving out crucial steps, it would be very advantageous for the student-writer if they were to make an outline so they can visualize how they will write their essay. The Process Essay is pointless if it does not thoroughly and effectively tell the reader how something is accomplished, or how it functions. The outline should break down each point that each paragraph will include and address. The student can then use the outline to make sure that their essay includes every single aspect and step of what they are explaining.

4. Write the First Draft


In this step, the student-writer is ready to write the first draft of the process essay in a paragraph form. Though the process essay is not one of the more common writing assignments given in higher education, it still follows the general format of the five-paragraph essay – with an asserted thesis statement in the first paragraph, and the body paragraphs comprising the step-by-step directions of how something is accomplished or how something works. It ends with a conclusion paragraph.

5. Have Another Person Read the Essay. Then Proofread and Edit Before Submitting for a Grade


It is best that the student-writer has another person read their Process Essay. This will help them make sure that their essay is written in a way that includes each and every step of the process. It should be written in an effective and communicative manner. If something is left out, for example, it’s best the peer-reader finds it – and not one’s professor. Lastly, reread, proofread and edit the essay to make sure it is told thoroughly before it is submitted for a final grade.


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