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15 Topics for Writing Informative Essays

Updated: Jan 31, 2017
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15 Informative Essay Topics

Since the point of the informative essay is to objectively inform the reader about a particular subject, there is almost (well, virtually) no limit as to what the essay can be about. Of course, the essay should naturally, logically pertain to the course in which the assignment is given – which most times is an English or writing composition course of some type. But the assignment may also be given in other courses that force the student to enhance their research and critical-thinking skills while producing an essay of this sort.


The student-writer is generally limited in word count, so they are not able to write an informative essay that includes every possible factoid that pertains to or explains the subject being explained. They are to inform the reader about a subject without being overly broad but should present their subject in a manageable, focused way. While they write their informative essay, the student-writer must keep in mind that their purpose is to merely provide an overview of a specific subject so that the reader will ultimately learn a great deal about the subject.


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List of Topics for an Informative Essay


If in the English or Writing Composition course the student is given the assignment to write an informative essay, they may write about:


1. The various themes, or even the most recurring themes, in the history of literature and storytelling. Perhaps concentrating on just one – revenge, courage, love and tragedy are examples of just a few.

2. The key elements of any story, regardless of genre: an introduction, setting, characters, plot, climax and a conclusion.

3. The characteristics, purposes and even the techniques of fiction (or nonfiction).

4. The various genres of literature (romance, comedy, drama, action, tragedy, etc.).

5. The life of Shakespeare (or any other prolific, legendary writer) and what experiences may have led to their literary career.

6. Certain stories or pieces of literature that explain a part of history, or an event in history.

7. The purpose of stories, explaining perhaps why they are important in today’s world and why we seem to need them.

8. The evolution of the English language since the fall of the Roman Empire.


If in a non-writing composition or non-English course the student is given the assignment to write an informative essay, they may want to write about:


1. The effect of the European Union on upholding Democracy around the world.

2. The history of a politician who had a lasting effect on history.

3. The artists of the Impressionist movement (as well as important facts of what constituted the movement).

4. The history of Paris, from Napoleon to the Nazi occupation during World War II.

5. How having a free press and freedom of speech upholds a nation’s execution of Democracy and a free world.

6. How the three branches of the American Federal government work and how they ultimately create a unique and fair system of check and balance, which helps to maintain an equal division of power for American leaders.

7. The history of the American Civil War (or the Revolutionary War, for example) and what caused it, what it ultimately lead to it, and what happened as a result of the war.


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