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Updated: Apr 13, 2016
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What is a Dissertation?


A Dissertation, traditionally the final project assigned in graduate school, is given to students in order for them to earn either a Masters or Doctorate degree. It is generally a very long, research-intensive essay, and incorporates other published writings that speak on the topic, written by experts in a given field. Sometimes, Dissertations become books, and are published in academic journals to provide insight about certain topic, or to extend a theory.


Since all academic programs (as well as their purposes, standards and requirements) are different in nature, so are the dissertations required for students to write. Dissertations range by topic and the kind of original research needed, as well as length and purpose.


A Dissertation can take months – even years – to complete. So much of the beginning stage depends on planning, researching and reading virtually everything on a subject or topic. Knowing this beforehand saves a lot of time and helps prevent problems in the final stages. You can save your time by ordering your custom written dissertation with ABCEssays.


Some students writing Dissertations may be asked to write about something only few others have written about; some, like English majors, may be required to write a book-length Dissertation about a particular theme in Literature, a writer, a time in history, for example.



Dissertation Writing


Writing a Dissertation requires hour and hours of planning, research, outlining and writing, then editing and revising one’s work.


Traditionally the final project assigned to students in graduate school looking to fulfill the requirements for a Masters or Doctorate degree, the Dissertation is an extensive, formal essay designed to follow a rigid set of guidelines generally set by the academic institution that the student is attending. Each academic program varies – and so will each student’s topic, their research, and the style of the dissertation they are to write.


The main purpose of graduate school is for a student to become proficient in a given topic or subject, and so the Dissertation requires the graduate-level student completing original research and/or projects that, in the end, once the dissertation has been completed, will have made the student-writer a sort of expert in their given field.


Tips to Consider When Writing Dissertations


• Don’t procrastinate on any part of the process of Writing a Dissertation; doing so can result negatively. Instead, plan out every single part of the writing process, from research to outlining, drafting and editing.


• The student-writer should find the focus of their Dissertation interesting and compelling. It is a project that will take up much of their time – sometimes over several months, or even several years – so the process will be much easier if the student-writer finds the process quite intriguing and challenging.


• Whatever the topic of the Dissertation is, it should not be too broad in nature. It should have a narrowed, limited focus.


• Be sure the Dissertation includes several components: its chapters should consist of an introduction; a literature review; justification of the informative data incorporated into paper for analysis; research methodology; an analysis of the data; and, lastly, a conclusive section tying the entire Dissertation together.


• Research pertinent information (primary and secondary data, as well as scholarly, credible literature written on the subject) to draw conclusions for analysis.


• A Dissertation is meant to incorporate all a student has learned and mastered throughout his or her experience in a program.


• The student-writer, when writing a Dissertation, should include the research of scholars on a pertinent subject in order to provide a current analysis of this topic.


• In writing the Dissertation, the student-writer is demonstrating their vast assortment of intellectual, academic and real-world skills, as well as their knowledge in organizing and conducting a thoroughly written and researched academic paper.


• A Dissertation has the student-writer seeking answers and their explanations while finding comparisons to other notions, and arriving at generalizations that could potentially be used to extend or put forth a theory.


• It never hurts a student writing a Dissertation to ask one’s professor or academic advisor for advice about the process; most times professors have completed their own Dissertations, and can provide help the student in a multitude of ways.


• The purpose of the Dissertation is for the student-writer to incorporate, and expound on, theories, concepts and notions that one has learned while studying in the program.


• Students writing a Dissertation are essentially performing an independent investigation of a topic they have decided to study in depth while studying in the program.


• A Dissertation always pertains to the course in which the Dissertation assignment was given.


• A Dissertation is designed for students to demonstrate their ability to define, design, produce and complete an academically rigorous research project that incorporates extensive research and writing.


• A Dissertation is also designed for students to comprehend and demonstrate their knowledge of the relationships between the theoretical concepts taught in the graduate school-level course and their real-world applications.


• By writing a Dissertation, a student-writer illustrates that they possess the appropriate knowledge and understanding beyond the graduate level and have obtained a level of depth beyond what they have been taught in the classroom; the Dissertation should prove a student to be an expert in their given fields.


Things to Keep in Mind When Writing a Dissertation:


1. It May Be Helpful to Read Other Previously Published Dissertations in the Same Field. Some graduate-school students have no clue what a Dissertation looks and reads like. So it is to their benefit to read as many Dissertations as they can before they start their own project. Of course Dissertations are in some way or form relatable to the graduate-level course mandating the completion of a Dissertation.


2. Plan Ahead. Like with anything else in academics, planning is an integral part of writing a successful Dissertation. This includes understanding the assignment and what it calls for, as well as all the components needed to write a Dissertation.


3. Its Focus Should Be Very Specific. Dissertations aren’t written about an ambiguous topic – like war, poverty or history. Instead, they cover topics like the causes and the effects of World War II, how poverty has psycho-social implications in America, or how history tends to repeat it self, to demonstrate a few examples.


4. It Should Have a Thesis. People are first taught in high school (or even before that, maybe in their middle-school years) how to make a well-defended argument that is first put forth with an asserted Thesis Statement. The same applies to Dissertation Writing. It may be best for a student writing a Dissertation to think of the Dissertation as an extended essay (sometimes a book-length one) that argues a point – therefore, its central theme (or main argument) would be its Thesis. And, all arguments, regardless of how long the assignment is to be written, should be defended with evidence, or points, that back up what the student-writer is asserting.


5. Set Goals and Objectives. No great accomplishment is done well without goals and objectives being set first. Maybe the student-writer knows they must write and research every week in order to complete their Dissertation, for example. In any case, setting and meeting goals and objectives is a great way for a student-writer with a looming Dissertation assignment to write to get done what needs to get done.


6. Always Make An Outline. Outlines help guide the student through the process of writing their Dissertation. They should always be used with complex writing assignments that require a great deal of research, writing and editing.


7. Have Weekly Meetings With the Instructor. Graduate students are assigned advisors to help them complete the process of writing a Dissertation. They have most likely written their own Dissertations, and can lend insight and direction to students when they seem to be struggling with the project.


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