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33 Catchy Descriptive Essay Topics

Updated: Dec 2, 2016
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In the descriptive essay, which is quite similar to painting a picture – though not with colors and shapes, but with words and sentences – the student-writer recreates a scene, an image, or a picture of something.


When writing a descriptive essay, you should use many different literary devices, such as metonymy, metaphor, simile, epithets and others. If you experience any difficulties with this kind of writing, feel free to ask our writers for advice.


The main task in writing a descriptive essay is to describe something in a visual manner, so that the reader (in most cases, a professor) can easily visualize it as they read.


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This type of essay is an essay that exercises the student's use of specific language, requiring them to acknowledge, perceive, name and describe every element (or at least most of them) of an image; the student-writer also names the various objects in an image, an important part of the process in writing a descriptive essay.


Once the student has completed the descriptive essay, a reader should be able to imagine the described image in its entirety. The readers should ultimately be able to see the described images as if they were looking at a painting or a photograph.

33 Catchy Topics for the Descriptive Essay

  • Café Terrace at Midnight


  • The view of the impressive New York City skyline from across the Hudson River in New Jersey


  • The illuminated streets of Paris’ Latin Quarter during the early evening


  • The waiting room of a doctor’s office or hospital


  • A childhood tree house


  • My ideal day, from the first glimpse of morning to the very end of the day


  • An experience, in narrative form with dialogue, narration and a sensory experience


  • Their treasured belonging or group of belongings


  • Their favorite restaurant, hangout spot or personal retreat


  • The scene of an accident or crime


  • A vase of flowers, or a potted plant


  • A pet doing a number of things, from sitting to playing and sleeping


  • A house as it appears from a neighbor’s view or from the street


  • A family’s photograph during a holiday


  • A beautiful dish or entrée at a meal


  • A cover of their favorite magazine or book, especially if the cover image is unique, brilliantly colored and interesting


  • A dream house, as it appears in imagination or dreams


  • The recollection of a place (or an element of a place) visited as a child, teen or young adult


  • A photograph of a person, or group of people, such as one taken at a historically relevant event (like Martin Luther King Jr.’s “I have a dream” speech; the fall of the Berlin Wall is another example)


  • The scene at a concert or athletic event


  • An art exhibit


  • How a loved one or family member looked or looks or talks or does something


  • A scene or view from their favorite vacation destination


  • An embarrassing, memorable or even an impression moment or experience


  • A populous beach (or other beautiful location) in the summer – or any other season for that matter


  • A sunset/sunrise or a midnight snow


  • Seeing the Eifel Tower in Paris light up during the evening


  • A place, or a park, where people take their families and have a picnic or family celebration


  • One’s hometown, or their neighborhood in a city or suburb or rural area


  • One’s school, or academic institution


  • A rainy day at home


  • An eerie room in someone’s house of which they happened to get a glimpse


  • The car, bicycle, or other item people see or use most every day 


You may develop your own topics based on the sample topics listed above. Remember, that you should be really interested in what you are writing about. 


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