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290 Unique Ideas for Definition Essay Writing

Updated: Dec 2, 2016
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In the Definition Essay, the student uses his or her own, lived experiences, as well as their preconceived notions and opinions about something, in order to redefine a word, a term, or even a concept. The student writing the essay ultimately provides a personal commentary on a relatively ambiguous item, such as an abstract thing like “freedom” and ultimately explaining what the term means to them and, quite possibly, others.

 When writing a definition essay, use your own experience, give extended definitions, explanation of abstract notions and personal commentary

Most people will agree on the definition of a physical object – like a cat, plane or book. 
Yet abstract terms (like love, pain, intelligence) carry different meanings and connotations to different individuals. The Definition Essay provides the student with an opportunity to share their personal, extended definition of something – which, again, can be a term, a word or a concept.


In this particular kind of essay, since the Definition Essay is personal in nature, and selected topic is generally based on the student’s need or desire to clarify it – to explain to others what it means on a deeper, more universal level. For example, if they feel that the word “marriage” should be defined in a limited manner (or, on the other hand, if they feel “marriage” carries more liberal implications), the student can explore the term in an essay, illustrating what the word truly means.


ABCEssays is a team of professional writers ready to help you with any kind of essay. Choose the topic from the list below or invent your own one, give your requirements and enjoy the result. 


List of Topics for a Definition Essay


Wealth Love Maturity Good music
Power Pain Patriotism Literature
Happiness Intelligence Failure Art
Success Creative Depression Crime
Beauty Courage Anxiety Discipline
Cleanliness Politeness Courtesy Platonic Love
Selfishness Feminism Poverty Human Rights
Selflessness Talent Weakness Honesty
Work Freedom Strength Good
Work Ethic Virtue Recreation Cruelty
Fun Leadership Bad Racism
Joy Common Sense Friendliness Prejudice
Productivity Dedication Healthiness Humanism
Sloth Confidence Optimism Home
Parenthood Sensitive Sense of humor Thrill
Common Knowledge Thoughtfulness Liberal Obese
Romance Trust Conservative Thin
Truth Respect Republican Audism
Dangerous Ambition Democratic Free Speech
Exciting Rights to bear arms Physical Fitness Discrimination
Kindness Generosity A happy marriage Peace
Sexism Right to privacy Friendship Justice
Sportsmanship Charisma Citizenship Punishment
Honor Teamwork Foolishness Reward
Modesty Team player Ignorance Gift
Humility Integrity Personality Accomplishment
Political correctness Self respect Gain Athletic
Peer Pressure Heroism Perfection American Dream
Persistence Vanity Existentialism Abuse
Self-confidence Pride Nihilism Religion
Arrogance Embarrassment Exercise Spirituality
Insecurity Greed Development Faith
Responsibility Progress Improvement Hope
Sophistication Loss Home Relaxing
Financially stable Family Job Lover
Pleasure Time Disorder Plastic surgery
Entertainment Self defense Fascism Brutality
Abortion Evolution Gambling Political ethics
Terrorism Education Marriage Pro-Life
Capital Punishment Prompt Genocide Pro-choice
Animal Rights Late Globalization Pro-Abortion
Addiction Adoption Gentrification Rape
Violence Ethics Global warming Sexual harassment
Affection Medicine Gay rights Law
Comfort Censorship Gun control Sport
Satisfaction Chauvinism Hate crime Emotion
Friend Euthanasia Fitness Suicide
Rest Child abuse Health Vegetarianism
Temptation Adulthood Homosexuality Veganism
Patience Adolescence Illegal Immigration Controversy
Pettiness Anti-Semitism Immigration Grief
Decadence Agnosticism Mental Health Greed
Noble Atheism Physical Health Jealousy
Charity Bioethics Emotional Health Hatred
Evil Racial Supremacy Spiritual wellbeing Rude, or impolite
Good Cloning Minimum wage Eager
Democracy Creationism Multiculturalism Apprehension
Authoritarianism Domestic violence Overpopulation Anticipation
Desperation Old Larger-than-life Young
Fashion Pessimism Ecstasy (the emotion) Materialism
Character Self-worth Exhaustion Elderly
Intolerance Achievement Restlessness Money
Acceptance Eloquence Discomfort Childhood
Doubt Neat Livelihood Law enforcement
Ideal weekend Funny Idolize Womanhood
Potential Sadness Treasure Suburban
A challenge Clean Duty Manhood
Loneliness Dirty Creative Brilliance Rural
Argument Torture Renaissance Man (or Woman) Civility
Agreement Egotistical Urban Freedom of Expression
Contract Altruism Voluptuous Diligence
Solitude Natural beauty Aesthetics Studious


When writing your essay keep in mind that you should know much about the concept you are defining. Spend several days gathering definitions from different dictionaries, then invent your own explanation of the given notion, don't forget to illustrate your essay with examples. Or just order essay that will cover all your demands here!

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