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Customer Safety

Updated: Apr 20, 2016
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Customer safety is one of our top priorities here at We are constantly hardening our software & hardware against hacking and are constantly revising our security policy to make it safer and more reliable. Our security principles are very simple, yet have been effective in ensuring customer privacy.


Here are our basic security principles:


1) We do not collect & store customers’ names. When you sign up with our service we do not require you to submit your first and last name. Your first name always defaults to “Customer”, while your last name is always some number. In the end your first and last name always looks like “Customer 568713”. You can always change that to your real first and last name; however we totally leave it to your discretion.


2) We will never ask you for any passwords. Your email address is the only thing we need to know for correspondence purposes. We will never ask you for your email password or any other password that you might use.


3) We do not ask for your address. The only type of address we want to know is your IP address. This information helps us to better combat fraudulent operations.


4) We will ask you for a valid phone number. It allows us to contact you for verification and communication purposes. Your phone number should preferably be a landline number so that I can be used by your bank or credit card company for verification purposes. This helps us to protect you from unauthorized financial activity if your card gets lost or stolen.


5) We will never sell or otherwise transfer information about you to any third party. We can only use this information for communication and marketing purposes of our company (newsletters, sales, promotions etc). Remember, you can always unsubscribe from them if you so decide.


All these steps have helped us to maintain top standards of customer security, ensuring both confidentiality and financial security & protection for our customers. Welcome to AbcEssays!

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