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Updated: Apr 21, 2016
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When it comes time to apply to college, your grades and high school academic record aren't the only things university admissions offices will look at to judge your experiences and determine your admission standing. In fact, a good college essay can make that final difference between an applicant who does get in and the one who doesn't.


When it comes to an assignment with the potential for this much impact, you won't want to take chance with the quality of your work. With the help of a college essay writing service, you have guidance through every step of the writing process, and the option to buy college essay from the people that know what gets results.


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What Is a College Essay?


In general terms, a college essay is an advertisement for you as a person, written for admissions departments to get a sample of your value that doesn't show through other application supplements like high school academic performance.


College essays are usually written about a time or process of personal growth, giving you a chance to reflect on your experiences in answering a prompt. Most people try to represent their personal voice in their essay, as essays are usually written to be light-hearted and sometimes funny.


The tricky part about creating an effective college essay is finding the right voice; order college essay writing from a college essay writing service and find the tone that will make your essay shine.


College Essay Outline


An important part of the process of crafting a college essay is the stages of planning that are associated with the process. To be successful, you'll need a firm understanding of what a college essay outline looks like and how you can use one to maximize your effectiveness in writing.


The first part of your outline creation should be to pick a life experience on which to focus your writing. Most colleges provide a prompt with their essay submission information, so think hard about a personal experience that both fits with the topic and with the personality you are trying to convey.


While other forms of writer lend more organizational value to writing an outline, focus on using your space to make note of details you want to include in your final essay. Be sure to refer back to your outline along the way to make sure you haven't left out key parts of your story.


College Essay Format


The format of a college essay is fairly standard, containing an introduction, a body and a conclusion. In the college essay format, however, these paragraphs should flow one into the next, as to not break the cohesion of the personal narrative.


  • Introduction: The introduction can be one of the most important factors associated with a college essay. You want to grab the reader with an engaging first sentence, and then give an overview of the rest of the story so the reader knows the general idea of your essay.


  • Body: The body is the meat of a college essay. This is where the writer describes their experience in a way that answers the prompt.


  • Conclusion: The conclusion of a college essay can include lessons learned along the way, and is basically a summary of the results of your life experience.


College Essay Topics


The topic of your college essay will most likely be provided to you by the institution to which you're applying. To find a topic that answers the prompt, think about the prompt's relevance to your own life, and growing process. Think of a few different scenarios that you could talk about in this scope, and then review them to find the one that most effectively conveys the message you want to convey.


Here are some essay topics that resemble the form common to college applications:


  • A time you got involved in your community to achieve a common goal
  • A period of significant hardship in your life that had a lasting effect
  • A person you felt strongly about in one way or another
  • A first experience with a specific, strong emotion, like love or grief


Admissions departments use prompts like these to try and get a response that shows a little more information about what type of person you are, than what's advertised in your high school transcript.


College Essay Writing Tips


Here are some pointers to help you along the way as you embark on your college essay process:


  • Always have someone else proofread your essay; grammar errors and poor word choice can break up the flow of your writing.


  • Focus on the introduction and the conclusion; grabbing your reader right off the bat and sending them off on a good note at the end is important to a strong essay.


  • Make your essay a personal one; rather than rack your brain looking for a life-changing experience on which to write, choose a focus that would otherwise seem mundane and write about your personal experience with that thing.


Why Is it Better to Hire a Writer?


The worst part about writing college essays is the uncertainty of not knowing whether your work fulfills all the requirements of a good essay; this is because you'll likely only write college essays at one point in your life.


Having the option to order college essay from a professional college essay writing service takes the guessing out of trying to create the perfect piece. Professional writers know what a good college essay looks like, and they have a vast breadth of experience creating successful essays. 

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