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Business Writing

Updated: Apr 19, 2016
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Business Writing 


The entire purpose of higher education is to prepare students for a career, which implies an education provides people with the skills, knowledge and experience required to excel in the real world.


An ability to write happens to be one of these skills mastered in higher education; writing is used ubiquitously in public and private career fields. Whether in writing emails, letters, newsletters, articles, lesson plans, advertisements and marketing materials, people in the real world use their writing skills – which are again gained through education and experience – on an everyday basis.


Business Writing is seen in memorandums, reports, as well as report summaries, proposals, contracts, assessments and evaluations, and other forms of writing used by organizations to communicate something about a particular business, product or service.


Almost all business activities are envisioned, planned, implemented and analyzed in some form of the written word, whether in the form of proposals, activities. It often results from countless business transactions. Both public and private entities depend on written documents to communicate vital information, both internally and externally, and always regard the condition and/or conduct of a business.


It is fundamentally crucial that business writing is created in a clear and concise manner; when written this way, the risk of miscommunication is greatly reduced – and so a business thrives. In Business Writing, poorly written business material can produce unintended results and potentially disastrous consequences. Strong writing competencies can help reduce or avoid this all together. Well-chosen words, well-organized and well-written content increases the likelihood of effective business communication.


In higher education, mostly students majoring in business, it can be assumed, are given assignments that help them prepare for writing in their anticipated career field. The following pertains to students taking on Business Writing assignments in the appropriate fields of study.


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Tips to Effective Business Writing


While most of this genre of writing does indeed occur in the real world, students in higher education are often assigned essay assignments that call for Business Writing, a way for them to develop their skillsets. The following applies especially to this scenario.

- With Preparation Comes Perfection: In the real world, if a project is done incorrectly, haphazardly or incompletely, a person risks losing their job, money, or an important business relationship. Which is why taking the time to do something right is always advised, especially in Business Writing. This comes with preparation and brainstorming how a certain project should be executed. Preparing to write most always saves the person doing the writing from unneeded stress, work and logistic problems. For college students with business-writing assignments, this means understanding what the assignment calls for, and how it should be written or communicated.

- Research is Never a Bad Idea: In the business world, even professionals conduct research if they are unsure about the direction of a project – or how it should be written. The same goes for students assigned to complete business-writing assignments. It never hurts to double-check a way something should be written or to understand certain facts that are going to be included, etc.

- Have a Plan of Execution; Outlining is Never a Bad Idea: When it comes to writing, organization is key. Which goes back to the importance of preparation. Designing an outline is helpful because it aids the student-writer in the writing process, from start to finish.

- When Writing, Be Clear, Concise and Make Sure Arguments and Assertions Are Backed Up: Students in college learn to write using specific, assertive language. The same applies to any business-writing assignment. The point of the assignment is to communicate something to the reader. If the assignment is to make some sort of argument, the student-writer should do their best to make sure their argument is well defended through the incorporation of facts and logic.

- Don’t Stop After the First Draft: Like with any academic essay, anything that requires exact, communicative language needs to be reevaluated before it becomes a final product. In other words, a complete first draft is not a completed assignment. A well-crafted essay requires numerous drafts and revisions.

- Seek Perfection: A student-writer faced with this particular kind of assignment should also proofread and edit their essay before turning it in for a grade. A piece of writing should have no grammatical errors, spelling mistakes, incomplete sentences or claims that are not supported or defended with logical, substantial evidence.

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