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Book Reports

Updated: Jul 6, 2016
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Book Reports are assigned to students, most times in English classes and programs, with the purpose of testing 1) whether they read a certain book (often an assignment), 2) whether the student can understand its content and analyze it, and 3) if the student’s writing capabilities are college-appropriate. The Book Report assignment is an informative report that discusses a book from an objective stance, and it teachers the student-writer to think critically about a piece of literature.


Similar to book reviews but focusing more on a summary of the work than an evaluation of it, Book Reports commonly describe what occurs in a work of literature; the student-writer producing a book report focuses on providing an account of the book’s plot, its major characters, thesis, and/or the main idea/s of the work. Most often, book reports are a K-12 assignment and range from 250 to 500 words in length. ABCEssays professional writers are ready to help with any kind of writing assignment! You can find help here.


Basically, Book Reports provide the student-writer a way to explain how well they understand a book they’ve been assigned to read, while also providing them an opportunity to express what they think of it. The expectations and standards of writing vary by each instructor, so it is best if the student-writer speaks with their teacher or professor before diving head first into the assignment.



Basic, Needed Information Regarding the Book


To write a Book Report, a student-writer needs to gather this information:


• Author


• Title


• Publisher location, name of publisher, year published


• Number of pages it has



Questions to get the student-writer thinking about the book


Things to Consider When Reading the Book and Planning to Write the Book Report


When reading nonfiction works, however, the student-writer is advised to look for the main ideas and be ready to discuss/write about them.


• Characters: Who are the main characters? What happens to them? Does the student-writer identify with them? Were they good or bad characters?


• Main Ideas: What is the main idea of the book? What happens in it, from beginning to end? What did the student-writer learn after reading the book that they did not know before reading it?


• Quotes: What parts did the student-writer like the most? Are there parts that they could quote to make their report more enjoyable, helpful or interesting?


Writing the Book Report


After announcing the book’s title and author, the student-writer should summarize what they learned – if anything – from reading the book. Then they should summarize what happens in the book, discussing elements they enjoyed or appreciated or disliked, and if they would recommend it to others to read.


Other items to consider including are: the book’s principles or characters; major themes, motifs; how it is organized to tell the story; the plot, the setting and how the student-writer feels about the book; as well as their evaluation of it.


The Book Report should be written in about five paragraphs or more. It should include an introduction paragraph that has a topic sentence and Thesis Statement; it should also include a set of at least three body paragraphs defending the Thesis Statement (or the student-writer’s take on the book, whatever they are writing about as they produce their Book Report).


Lastly, like with any academic essay, the Book Report must end with a Conclusion paragraph. This paragraph serves to effectively end the Book Report so that the reader is left with no questions after reading the report.


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