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Argumentative Essay Example

Updated: Jan 30, 2017
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What Is an Argumentative Essay


An argumentative essay is a type of essay, which centers on a narrowed, asserted thesis statement that argues for one side of a debatable issue. It’s very similar to the persuasive and five-paragraph essays because it involves the student-writer ultimately making a point, an argument – hence the name of the essay type – they will be defending throughout their essay.







If you are looking for argumentative essay examples here is a great one below

Argumentative Essay Example: The Importance of School Uniform


It must be quite the challenge being a young person in today’s primary and secondary schools. They have it rough. Kids tease and hurt each other for just about any reason – even for another student’s good qualities, like being smart, belonging to a highly regarded social group, doing well in school or being well dressed. But it shouldn’t be this way. It’s just not conducive to a successful learning environment – not in the least. Rather than focusing on their lessons, on getting a solid education, learning how to build both their minds and lives, young students in elementary through high school are generally, easily distracted by the differences in other students – brought on most times by what they are wearing. To combat this problem, it should be compulsory that every single student, whether they’re in private or public schools, wears a uniform. And there’s good reason for it, too: doing so provides virtually no opportunities for distractions, and it would create a fair playing ground because, by wearing uniforms, students aren’t privy to another’s social class. They just can’t tell because they all dress the same. Lastly, by having all students dress the same, they would be – even if inadvertently – creating a sense of togetherness, of a community, which is one of the best possible things an educational community could establish and maintain.

Argumentative Essay Example 

To start off, if every student, regardless of their age, grade, school, and social rank, were required to wear, on school grounds, a uniform – one that was the same for each – there would be less, if none at all, distraction in the classroom. Uniforms rule out the opportunity for promiscuous or offensive clothing; there would be no baggy and unsightly attire, and opportunities for students to lose attention when their focus was needed the most would certainly plummet and eventually become nonexistent. If they were forced to wear a uniform in school, students would not even be able categorize a particular student, or group of students, in a certain way due to their style of clothing, how they dress, or what message they are sending or expressing through wearing a certain attire, such as a T-shirt with wording on it. Instead, all students would be wearing basically the same thing, though different types of uniforms depending on their gender. The taxpayers should pay for these uniforms, and every student who attends any school should be able to obtain at least one or two pairs for no charge.


Secondly, if uniforms were made compulsory for those attending primary and secondary education, students would not be able to discern if another student were poor, wealthy or middle class. There would be no way to tell, at least in their outward experience. Generally, it is understood, at least in public school systems that do not mandate the wearing of uniforms, poorer students wear the less-trendy clothes, quite often in shabby conditions. So it is very easy to tell them apart from the wealthier and middle-class students. And the wealthier students wear what is generally always in style, which is often expensive and easily recognizable. This creates distinction and disparity among students, unfortunately leading to a lack of cohesion and fairness regarding how they treat and associate with each other. But there’s a solution to this problem: with uniforms, all students would essentially look the same, so there would virtually be no – in theory – disparity or polarity among them, at brought on by what they wear. When you drive through a city and see students playing sports outside, if they are all dressed the same in uniform, you can’t tell if they are poor, wealthy or middle class. You don’t even care, actually. They become a group of students – and not poor, wealthy and middle-class children. All you see is a group of children playing sports, the similarity being their age groups – and nothing else. This is why there is truth in having all students in all classrooms all around the country wear uniforms during school hours. It would be for their own good to wear uniforms each and every day they are attending school.


Lastly, if it were compulsory that students wear uniforms while attending any and all levels school, primary through secondary, it would encourage a sense of togetherness and community among the students. They would feel part of something instead of seeing only differences in themselves and others. High school and middle school students, because they are coming to their identity and therefore searching for a place or group to belong to, are known to be quite cliquey. It’s been a proven fact of Developmental Psychology. But things don’t have to be quite so rigid – at least in the classroom. Rather, with uniforms, students would feel like they are ultimately part of a team or part of a community of students. Just like with competitive sports, students could easily recognize their own – because they look and dress as they do. So, in turn, uniforms are the only way to go in the classroom.


In conclusion, by having students in all school levels (except at the college level) dress in uniform, school systems can and will see an increase in retention rates, as well as a decrease in student conflicts that involve fighting and violence. It’s simple: uniforms in the classroom promote uniformity and peace in the classroom. It is a practice many school systems of all types practice because it brings positive results. They are seeing fewer distractions, the classroom is made fairer, because there are fewer and fewer opportunities for students to discriminate on the basis of social rank, and it promotes togetherness and peaceful harmony among the students. Now, of course, this approach is not necessarily the only solution to keep students in school long enough for them to graduate and become successful – but it sure helps make them comfortable, focused and safe, all of which are important for a student to continue their education. Also, though uniforms in the classroom will eliminate some opportunities for students to discriminate against others, some of them will inevitably have a prejudice against another race, something that is not avoided by using uniforms.





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